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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 9, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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but instead prosecutors say he hired someone to kill her. >> today james kaufman was charged with murder in connection with the death of april kauffman. >> reporter: prosecutors laid out a twisted tale, one of illegal drugs, racketeering and ultimately murder for hire of prul kaufman. >> april kauffman's desire to divorce james kaufman, he was intent b to rather have her killed as opposed to losing his financial empire. >> she was a well loved host and advocate. she was killed may 10th, 2012, suffering multiple gunshot wounds. a worker who cared for family pets found her lying on the bedroom floor. investigators said they did not believe the killing was random. dr. kaufman attended his late
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wife's funeral, but james kaufman remarried since then. the victim's daughter sued her stepfather aimed at stopping him from collecting on any insurance policies. they seized documents and evidence from his home and his medical office. he was there last year in june. kaufman was holding a 9 millimeter gun. it happened when he was met by fbi agent who is had come to carry out a search warrant. >> he received a ride to the kaufman residence. the doors were left opened and frank was given a gun to carry out the task. he went inside and he shot april kauffman twice. >> dr. james kaufman who appear ed in court does remain in jail tonight on earlier gun charges.
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we should tell you the man who pulled the trigger, who was an associate of the motorcycle gang, he died a year after killing kaufman from an apparent overdose. he received $20,000 in the murder for hire. we are awaiting some reaction from both kaufman's daughter as well as dr. james kaufman's attorney. we have reached out to him. as soon as we have any comments, we'll bring it to you. cydney long, nbc 10 news. now to the big warm-up. after days of crushing cold it feels great to say it's 40 degrees outside. >> we have been hit with life
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threatening cold. its good out there. we have team coverage on the thaw out. meteorologist brittney shipp is at penns landing where people are enjoying the warmest day of the year. >> light jacket. let's start with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have really jumped in the temperature department. we had three days in a row of temperatures that didn't even get up to 20. there's even warmer air to the west. that's going to be moving in. not so much tomorrow.
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you'll really notice it on thursday. and friday and at least through the early part of saturday. but there is colder air that's going to be coming back in behind it. it's not a permanent thing. now that we have warmed up a bit. 44 in philadelphia. we have now dropped into the 30s very quickly. and with the snow cover, the temperatures are going to be dropping very quickly tonight. look at this. . by 7:00 a.m., 21 in philadelphia. so anything today is going to freeze solid tonight. parts of south jersey that had the big snow cover will be well down into the teens tonight. maybe even a couple spots in the single digits. but much warler weather is on
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the way. i'll get into that coming up. >> kevin from this auto repair has seen a lot of drivers come in for dead batteries and potholes. >> one had a flat tire that slid and hit a curb this morning actually. >> it's been to have the engine checked by a professional. if you're skipping the rush to clean the car, you can lace up the skates and hit the ice rink. >> brittney shipp is live in the blue cross river rink. some folks are out there enjoying this break from the cold. >> reporter: that's right. the river rink did see a little dip in attendabs over the past couple days. because it was so cold, pu now that things are warming up, that
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will not be the problem as we head into the next couple days. so as warmer air moves into the area, finally it was time for ice skating, family outings and a more comfortable stroll with the little ones. they couldn't wait to trade playing indoors for a snowball fight outside. >> this is her first winter. >> it's good we came today instead of when it was freezing. we probably would have regretted that. >> reporter: not to worry. the temperatures are going to warm more than 20 degrees. we'll head close to the 60s into friday. we have ice chillers that keep the ice nice and smooth for all the ice skaters expected to come out. we have our family here celebrating a big birthday. you couldn't do it yesterday
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because. >> it was really cold. so if you don't feel like putting on the skates, you can come out here by the bonfire. we're live, brittney shipp. >>. >> be sure to download the nbc 10 app for the first alert forecast for your neighborhood. sign up to have alerts sent directly to your phone. today top republicans and democrats came together at the white house to hammer out a new immigration policy. in a rare twist, the meeting was open to the media. for almost an hour, a room full of keep decision makers in both parties hashed things out in front of cameras. they are demanding a hard fix on immigration. the main issue for democrats, fixing daca and protecting
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so-called dreamers. >> you want $18 billion for a law or there will be no daca. >> i can build it for less. >> you have created an opportunity here, mr. president. you need to close the deal. >> my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with. >> president trump suggests that a two-part solution, firsthand l daca and more sweeping immigration reform including the border wall. brendan boyle introduced the stable genius act. it requires presidential candidates to undergo a medical exam and e release the results. the bill was inspired by president trump's weekend tweet calling himself, quote, a very stable genius. the democrat went on to say voters have a right to know if a candidate is physically and mentally fit. the republican-controlled congress will make passage of the bill difficult. today a close ally of the
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president threw his hat in the ring. joe arpaio announced he will run for the u.s. senate seat of retiring lawmaker jeff flake. he was found guilty of contempt for violating a court order to halt immigration-related arre arrests. president trump pardoned arpaio later. senator flake announced his retirement during a speech on the senate floor late last year. he blamed it on the state of politics. he was critical of president trump in a recent book he wrote at the time of his announcement the senator was behind in the polls. john carney putting his weight behind legislation to allow 12 weeks of paid parental leave. lawmakers, the bill would allow full-time state employees 12 weeks of paid ma teternity or paternity leave after one year of employment. new parents would be eligible for leave of up to one year after the birth of a child or
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the adoption of a child under the age of 6. just watching that introgets you hyped up. the hype is building for saturday. john clark joins us live. of course, a lot at stake for the game against the falcons. how was the energy at practice? >> good energy at practice. although i have never said it was bad energy. the eagles are underdogs because they lost carson wentz and nick is the backup and he says he's going to relax and play loose and be himself. take a look at nick and the eagles practicing today. they are back in pads. they wanted to practice in pads. coach says, let's do it. even though nick has struggled the last two games, he says having a family has put him in a better place. he had a daughter in the off season and he says his family motivates him. >> i want to give everything to
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this team. that gives anyone strength to go out there knowing their family is right there. for me, having a daughter, it's unreal. i go home every night and see her. it puts life in perspective. i get e i want to go out there and play the best game of my life because my daughter is going to know. >> a little e emotional there talking about his daughter. at 6:20 we're going to hear more from nick foles. where is his mind set this week and why he thinks he's going to play better on saturday. i'm john clark. we'll see you then. >> we can all hope. getting pack to about. next man up. >> they break down the huddles to say family. that's very true. >> thank you so much. >> remember nbc 10 is your official eagles station. don't miss the battle of the birds on saturday. kickoff is is at 4:35 at the
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link. >> birds fans are hoping to hear plenty of the eagles fight song. in the meantime, send in your best transition. >> her owner says the pooch is is a eagles fan. thanks to the app, she was able to belt out her rendition of the fight song. >> we want to hear your rendition of the eagles fight song. just go to or the nbc 10 app to send us yours.
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still ahead, the new push to make sure lgbt students get the they need at local colleges. and life saving pets, why one family is calling this black lab their hero. dramatic rescue, the one thing that alerted a firefighter to a teen trapped in a mud slide and how long it took to pull her out. that's next at 5:00.
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take a look at this video. a firefighter heard a faint cry for help. it took six hours to free her. just in the last few minutes, we learned the death toll from the mud slide now stands at eight. jay gray reports, the mud slides are sweeping homes up to foundations in southern california. >> the storms watch ed across te burned out communities and swallowing anything that the flames left behind. >> i heard the rumble of the rocks. it was coming down. >> the rain has been coming.
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>> silt, mud and debrising down trees and power lines burying hom homes. first responders continue to sift through the mud. jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> now to your first alert forecast. it has been weak since it's this warm outside. you can see it felt warmer last year. here's a live look at allentown. it's good to be cautious here. be wary. it could be a few icy spots. be. careful when the temperatures doin start to drop. obviously, there's still some snow out this.
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. warm up is welcome for a lot of people. >> with the snow on the ground and more wind, temperatures could really plunge. just over the next couple hours. so a couple hours ago, don't dress for that. dress for about 10 degrees colder than that. it also means things are going to freeze back up. 1 degree in philadelphia. down to near 40 across much of the rest of the area. but we'll take a look at some of the outlying areas. fleetwood at 37. white hall at 41.
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38 degrees. some places are going way down tonig tonight. anything that melts, it's going to freeze back up. 19 degrees and then going back. up this morning. so we have another pretty nice day after this cold start. 1618 in allentown. 18 in vor heez. some of the areas in south jersey with the big snow cover could be well below that. even in delaware we're going down into the 20s. so tomorrow it's a pretty nice day. it's dry. and thursday at least it starts that way. by afternoon a couple showers up toward reading and lehigh valley. and then tomorrow and thursday night, the moisture really
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increases. you start getting some significant rain. thursday night, some heavy rain on friday. temperatures just keep going up and up and up. but we get wave after wave of rain on friday. then there's another set of moisture that's going to come in on friday night and saturday. so look at the temperatures go up tomorrow. 43. friday, 60. a low temperature of 50. a low temperature of 50 friday morning. same story across the pa suburbs. remember just how cold it's going to be tonight and by thursday night and friday morning, much, much warmer. but everybody is getting a good bit of rain on friday. and we're also going to see it into saturday. here's friday night. we have that other batch of rain. but it does look like even if you start off wet on saturday, drier air starts coming in and
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it's a good thing the eagles game is late in the day because you can see this computer model is wet even perhaps early afternoon. so it's going to be a fairly close call to get rid of this moisture. so if you're tailgating at 1:00, you might see the end of the rain. but it's going to be wet and start feeling breezy. then the temperature is going down as we go through the game. by theened of the game, it's 39 degrees and with the 15 to 25-mile-per-hour wind, it's maybe feeling like the 20s. in the morning it's going to be in the 50s. so what a change during the game itself. and the wind that is bringing that cold air in could potentially affect the kicking game. that's my main concern there. you can see the temperatures going up. falling temperatures on
5:22 pm
saturday. and then a cold blast. a high of 32 on sunday. next week is a good bit colder. we could see some snow showers in the middle of the week. still ahead, you're going to love this next story. we're going to tell you the major milestone for philadelphia's business school. daddy's girl. surprise like no other in class. the good news this little girl got to hear from her father.
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why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares. come here. good boy. >> caught on camera, the rescue of a frightened and exhausted dog. florida deputies found the dog in a canal. the body camera video you can actually see them trying to coax her out without any luck. they were able to pull the dog ashore. the big surprise to the deputies her owner is a deputy in the same department. >> how about this dog here? she's being hailed a hero for waking her owners up during a fire at their house in st. louis. the family says she wouldn't stop barking until they of bed.
5:26 pm
only to discover a fire in their garage. the black lab gave the parents just enough to grab the kids and get out. >> river is a hero. she was sent by god. she saved our lives. >> the family says they have smoke detectors but the dog warned them long before the detectors went off. we are staying on top of breaking news. a husband now charged with killing his wife. >> the details we have learned in the murder for hire plot involving april kaufman six years after her death. playing for the enemy. the battle of the birds this weekend. the quarterback is from our area. all new at 5:00, we cross enemy lines to talk to his family about the matchup. new at 6:00, breaking his silence. philadelphia's new district attorney speaks about the dozens of forced designations from his office and the effect it's having on several high profile cases.
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ween continue to follow the breaking news out of atlantic county. charges were announced today in the murder of april kaufman. at 4:00 we were there live as prosecutors detailed a plot that involved drugs, divorce and a murder for hire. coukaufman's husband and anothe man are charged with her murder.
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let's take a live look outside. it's a clear night and a lot warmer. 44 degrees in philadelphia. we have been looking at the skyline there. just a beautiful day. compared to like the 13 days of freezing cold weather. >> i'd like to forget that. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. we like to hear that. >> we're going to be getting into the 50s not tomorrow but thursday.
5:31 pm
three days in a row we didn't get to 20. that's very rare in philadelphia. we never did get down to 0. so that stretch still continues since 1994. 33 degrees was the high yesterday. we have 45 degrees for the high coming up today. now we have cold air across the area now. milder air will be moving in. the cold air is not that far away. we're going to hold it off a little bit through early saturday. right now, we're 44. we drop ped down into the 30s i coatesville. maybe sometimes we see the
5:32 pm
temperature crash under conditions like this. and even in philadelphia, it's going to be pretty cold tomorrow morning. so anything that melts it is is definitely frozen in the morning. watch out for the sidewalks and driveways again. pu we do have much warmer weather on the way. we'll detail that and also the rain that's on the way too coming up. here's a look at the stories making headlines county by county across the reswron. in berk. s county, an 88-year-old woman was found dead after police say she slipped on ice in front of her home. officials say she died from exposure to the cold. she sat and must have come out late last night. in delaware county upper darby police say these women stole a purse from a woman working out in the upper darby planet fitness. the pair used keys in the purse to take off with a woman's car. call police in you recognize. them. the national head of the small business administration is in new kcastle county today.
5:33 pm
she spent her day in wilmington as part of the nationwide tour to make the government more friendly and supportive of small businesses. today mcman met the owners and employees of a company that makes specialty gloves for sports strij and the military. many of the employees had backgrounds are using this job as a fresh start. >> you look at what they are doing and the people get a second chance. you really understand not only the human compassion behind that, but then those employees that are here working have an incredible commitment to the product. >> linda and her husband are very successful business owners. they create d the world wrestlig federation. chris coons was along on the tour. he's the ranking democrat for small business and entrepreneurship. here's a good story. ville nanova has the top ranked basketball team in the country, but they aren't the only ones
5:34 pm
celebrating a number one ranking. the villanova school of business has been ranked number one for best online graduate business programs. the school offers two online specialized masters degree programs. i'm a proud alum. >> because we didn't know that. honoring local leaders. the chamber of commerce held women in leadership power luncheon in springfield. the goal is to empower women. talk about sports. the birds gear. ing up for the playoff game on saturday. there's a local connection to the enemy. >> the falcons quarterback is from chester county. all new at 5:00, tim furlong talked to matt ryan's uncle playing in eagles territory.
5:35 pm
>> we don't have that story right this. we're going to move on for now. matt ryan attended penn charter. coming back home with the 1-3 record against. the eagles. we'll get to that story in a bit. don't forget about the nbc 10 eagles fight song challenge. get a group together and record your most creative version. the winners will be featured on air and online at many of us woke up to dangerous ice covering the cars and sidewalks. >> for one man it almost cost him his life. still ahead at 5:00, the death trap that clearing the ice created outside his house and how rescue crews saved him. >> presidential matchup, how president trump is responding to rumors of facing off with oprah in 2020. that's next at 5:00.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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a new day is on the horizon. >> oprah's fiery speech at sunday's golden globes has many on her calling to run for president in 2020. but could president winfrey actually happen. president trump says no way. the president told reporters. the contest would be a lot of fin, but he said he would defeat winfrey if they met in a presidential showdown. tonight there's one very happy girl in new york after her soldier dad came back from kuwait to surprise her at school.
5:39 pm
>> take a look at that emotion. the excitement in her face. her dad was deployed since last february but didn't expect him to come back for another three weeks. here he is making the surprise appearance. >> i missed her birthday, every special holiday. christmas and thanksgiving. all her recitals. it wasn't the same. >> these never get old. >> natalie is making plans tr all the fun things she can do with her dad. more good news he won't be deployed again for at least two years. >> just beautiful. speaking of close to home. let's get back to the birds. you ready for the eagles playoff
5:40 pm
game? >> oh yeah. did you know falcons quarterback matt ryan is from chester county. new at 5:00, tim furlong talked to his uncle about playing at the link. >> reporter: the guy at quarterback for the falcons saturday most of us want him to lose but matt ryan is really is one of us. . a good guy and a local guy. john locke ri is his uncle. >> he's done a great job at representing himself. >> reporter: john also played quarterback at penn charter and boston college and working to keep future players everywhere safe. >> we believe that we're on to something that potentially offers a a a solution to the problem. >> reporter: john and other athletes run defend your head, based in a rehab barn they make helmet covers for contact sports and military uses. big schools use their products. lots of youth leagues are catching on as well. a guy on the bills wore this earlier model years and years
5:41 pm
ago. the newer version is lighter and fitter and the company says independent testing shows the product dissipates the energy of a collision before it can fully get to the original helmet. john has watched matt play u at every level. he will be at the link on saturday. he pulls for his nephew but he's pulling for the future of the game he loves and all the people that play it. >> it's a mission and passion for all of us to make the game of football safer. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. let's go birds. special protection, it is ending for thousands of immigrant. s including from some in our area. >> what one family plans to do next. you may want to enjoy this warmer weather. but don't get too excited because there's a price to pay for the warm-up. i'll tell you when in my first alert forecast. plus they paid for expensive computers without even knowing it. how hackers are using a popular wb website to charge thousands of dollars on people's credit ca
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special protection is ending for thousands of immigrants from el salvador. we walked to one family from wilmington now fearing the wors worst. >> reporter: he came to work and to grow. that's how this immigrant describes himself. today fear from the trump administration's recent elimination of the temporary protection service prevented him from showing his face. >> a war has started but it's far from over. this man has been in the country for several decades working to achieve his american dream. five years ago he opened this restaurant but now this could
5:45 pm
all disappear. >> this ending is just a continuation of this administration's overall unprecedented antiimmigrant set of policies. >> it will affect thousands of immigrants. a temporary protection program started by president bush for those affected by natural disaster or war. >> it's going to close small businesses, take teaches out of schools, nurses out of hospitals. this is going to have a huge impact on communities across the country. >> this man trying to add a taste of el salvador to the area is at a cross road. >> we will fight for our rights and for what's fair. >> they hope reform will become a reality during the trump administration. they are not waiting around for
5:46 pm
that. they have taken legal action into their own hands. >> the boats looking cold. the jersey shore dealing with the blizzard. now it's 44 degrees. that snow is just beginning to melt. check out the philadelphia skyline. take a live u look here. temperatures are going to begin falling. >> we enjoyed the warm-up. a little dip, but we're going to bounce back up. >> then we're going to go even higher. we're going to go to the 50s and a couples could get to 60 degrees by friday and maybe even a couple on saturday too. today we got into the 40s. that seems mild compared to the last 15 days that we have had that have been colder than this. much colder. these are the highs today.
5:47 pm
generally in the mid-40s. watch how the temperatures dropped already. 38 in pottstown. 39 in reading. and as we take a look at the shore area, we just showed you, there's still plen oi of snow on the ground. it's 44 cape may point, these temperatures are going to be dropping really fast this evening. so if you're headed outside, you want to get a heavier coat than you're going to need. . these areas had a fair amount of snow and ice last night. 37 in duey beach. and all of those places are going way down to the 20s. some of these even in
5:48 pm
philadelphia are going into the teens tonight with the clear skies, light wind and the snow cover still around. in swanks vilville. 18 in allentown. 17 in robinsville. then we really warm up. look at the low temperatures jump. tomorrow morning, we're at 19. >> it's going to rain on friday. night and friday, trid night into saturday morning. you can see the temperatures rising all throughout the area. 62 degrees by friday. and probably 60 on saturday too. here we are with the increasing
5:49 pm
clouds. and by thursday, especially in the day and at night, here comes the rain. and here's the friday morning rush. it's wet. the snow is melting all over the place. friday afternoon, it's still wet. but it's very warm. friday night, it's still wet. saturday morning, it's still wet. you get the idea. this is the price you have to pay for the warm weather. and then as we get ready for the eagles game, you see the last gas of that weather system moving out. it's going to be a close call. we're still thinking the rain will move out in time for the start of the game. now it's still possible it could be raining for tailgating. especially morning tailgating. it will be mild, remember. but the temperatures are going to be falling during the afternoon. so by kickoff, it's down to 44. by the fourth quarter, it's down to 39. and with these winds, it will maybe feel like it's in the 20s by the time you're going home.
5:50 pm
and the wind could affect the kicking and the passing game. so quite a change in the weather as we go through the day on saturday. but that mild air, that's coming our. no doubt about it. friday into saturday morning and then we got some more really cold air coming in. you're going to feel that on sund sunday. and monday and tuesday. so next week is going to be cold. don't expect the 50s to hang around forever here once we get in. and the frigid air starts to exit by next thursday. but we're still not e seeing the mild air returning during the week next week. we see the more mild air returning the end of this week. temperatures falling during the
5:51 pm
afternoon. it's going to be a whole lot colder and monday is going to be cold too. and much of next week with the snow showers added in. firefighters in pennsylvania rescued a man who got trapped under a large chunk of ice. it happened yesterday as the man was trying to knock down large pieces of ice. how big? 6 by 10 feet. that's how big the chunk was that fell on his leg. it took it firefighters 15 minutes to chisel the ice away and free him. >> when this falls down and hits you, you can suffer some significant injuries. >> the man only had mine injuries. first responders say it could have been much, much worse. >> walmart customers in texas were shocked see dozens of bats flying around a houston-area
5:52 pm
store. customers shot this video as they flew through the grocery section. store employees tried to shoo the bats out an exit door. the company says walmart is working to safely remove the bats. >> my skin crawled a little bit. taking action. >> why local groups say now is the time to take a stand and take their issues to president trump.
5:53 pm
el: broke, homeless,
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a new law is aimed to help better serve lgbt students. it requires public colleges and yufts to collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity in an effort to provide necessary programs for students. the law goes into effect immediately. since president trump's historic win last year, some community group says they have noticed more people eager to get involved. >> the election sparked an interest in politics and people want to make a change in their neighborhood. brandon hudson has the story all new at 5:00. >> in south philly, we walked with anton as he signed people up to vote in the philadelphia district attorney's race. >> this will be the fist time voting. >> reporter: moore is no stranger to civic engagement. he spear headed union in the community. >> i watch everyday people say what can i do. >> since last year's
5:56 pm
presidential election, he's noticed more people eager to get involved. members of philadelphia's youth commission noticed too. >> what this election did was empower me even more to realize that everything that's happening, i have a voice in. >> reporter: the group formed the letters to leaders campaign. it lets teen write letters to elected officials including president trump. >> i think there's definitely a lot of incentive and a drive in our peers to really want to communicate with elected officials, but a lot of people don't know how. >>. >> reporter: the most recent numbers show of the volunteers in pennsylvania, 37% participate in groups and organizations. 5% of them focus on civic and political work. but not all approaches are the same. >> you know some things never change. >> reporter: a pittsburgh-based rap group use songs. the three brothers influenced by the wu tang clan say because of
5:57 pm
the political climate, their words carry more weight. >> the vision this our country is being exposed. if you act like racism doesn't exist until now. >> we're three young black men in america. we represent our struggle. >> reporter: brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. divorce, drugs and a motorcycle gang. next at 6:00, how police connected all three to the murder of a op lar radio show host in new jersey. plus the coach gets to pick the team. philadelphia's new district defends a mass exodus from his office and addresses allegations he targeted people on e behalf of his wife.
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5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, closing a cold case. for six years the murder of april kauffman went unsolved. police made eight arrests in connection with with her killing. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. investigators say divorce, drugs and a motorcycle gang all played a role in the death of the popular new jersey radio host. >> cydney long is following this breaking story from mays landing. this arrest a long-time coming. i can tell you april cough han's murder has been a mystery
6:00 pm
that plaguing this area. people have been waiting and wondering if for what happened today for five and a half years. we did get a number of answers today, but this investigation has numerous twists and turns. >> today james kaufman, age 69, were charged with murder in connection with the death of april kauffman. >> reporter: prosecutors laid out a twisted tale, one of illegal drugs racketeering and the murder for hire of april kauffman. >> francis mulholland was paid a sum of money to kill april kauffman. >> reporter: he was motivate d y greed. >> he was give free prescriptions for opioids to those september to his practice. >> reporter: april kauffman threatened to expose her husband's illegal enterprise u at


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